The How-To Guide to Social Selling

August 26, 2014


As much of the B2B buying process continues to move online, social networks have become fundamental to the success of sales organizations. In fact, sales professionals who use social networks for sales achieve a 16 percent gain in year-over-year revenue, four times better than at typical companies. 

The term "social selling" is still fairly new, and despite the explosive growth and popularity of social networks, many B2B executives believe that social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn are distractions that will draw salespeople's attention away from core selling activities. They also believe that LinkedIn is largely a resume repository where salespeople go to hunt for new jobs or be poached by the competition.

There is a growing awareness among sales leaders, however, that, at its core, social selling adheres to the same time-tested principles of sales success: leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships.

This eBook provides and practical understanding of social selling and how companies are using social tools and tactics. Download the eBook and learn:

  • How social changed the cold call
  • How to create and leverage your professional brand on social networks
  • Tips to avoid a sales pitch on social media
  • Social selling success stories from enterprise companies
  • What the future of social selling holds for B2B companies

Read it today and find out how you can better leverage social selling to benefit your organization.