The Most Interesting Salespersons in the World

April 23, 2014


The Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign has enshrined itself as a powerful and influential marketing campaign. The traits that make up the title character – each one more impressive than the last – portray the man as a dominating force among his peers.

We like that kind of confidence – and we often see it in the best salespeople. These folks are on top of their game, utilizing the latest sales strategies to influence prospects and promote their personal brands.

We’ve identified 4 of the most popular phrases from the Dos Equis campaign and translated those traits into The Most Interesting Salespersons in the World.

His business card simply says "I'll call you"

Expert salespeople are able to entice prospects to contact them, primarily after establishing themselves as thought leaders in the community. Front line sales professionals build their LinkedIn presence early and often, eager to capitalize on any opportunities that arise from their connections.

What makes a social selling expert? Professionals who leverage social tools to expand their reach, generate meetings with decision makers inside of target organization, and fill their sales funnels with new opportunities. The salesperson’s LinkedIn profile page serves as the home base for these operations.

He is fluent in all languages, including three that he only speaks

Social selling experts are fluent in the languages of their audience, and create targeted content/messaging to cast a detailed net. Listening is the very first step toward establishing a strong online sales reputation, and one that helps build trust and understanding between the salesperson and their prospect.

By the time any actual connection is made, the expert social seller has already absorbed countless messages and content examples from the audience. This helps to create genuine interest in the prospect issues and concerns – which helps enhance the know-like-trust factors in later sales cycles.

You can see his charisma from space

While social selling can limit the amount of in-person communications, it doesn’t allow sales reps to rest on their charismatic laurels. Expert salespeople are visibly excited and engaged with prospects from the outset, and it's clear that they values their clients’ time and insights.

Sophisticated social sellers are even able to combine long-standing sales tactics like mirroring to present a complete, targeted online presentation. Combined with a detailed personal profile, these tactics help separate expert social sellers from the rest of the sales community.

When he drives a new car off the lot, it increases in value

Social selling isn’t a game of diminishing returns – it has the potential to dramatically increase closed deals if managed effectively. The search for value is two-folded in social selling:

  1. The seller must present value before the initial connection, and continue to deliver value as the sales process develops. B2B sales professionals can lean on their marketing departments for some added-value concepts.
  2. The relational aspect of social selling lasts long after the deal is closed, owning to the everlasting presence of both parties on social media.

The Most Interesting Salespersons in the World don’t always close the deal -- but when they do, they prefer to use LinkedIn.

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