The New LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Sneak Peek

August 1, 2014


Yesterday, we announced the launch of The New LinkedIn Sales Navigator – a solution built specifically for sales professionals, to help establish and grow relationships with prospects and customers.

LinkedIn has a wealth of information on the people and companies with whom you want to build relationships. Designed specifically for the sales professional, The New LinkedIn Sales Navigator combines LinkedIn’s network data, relevant news sources, and your accounts, leads, and preferences to produce a customized experience for your day-to-day sales needs.

In today’s world of sales, finding a single decision-maker isn’t enough.  Buying decisions involve more people than ever before. On average, decision-makers rely on a team of more than five key stakeholders to come to consensus before making a purchase decision. This group does their own research before ever contacting a sales rep. On top of that, decision makers now ignore cold outreach: 90% of decision makers say they never respond to cold calls or emails. Successfully selling in this new environment requires an alternative approach: focus on building relationships with the right people, stay informed on what they care about, and establish a solid network.

The New LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it simple for sales teams to thrive in today’s buying environment. Easily find the right people with Premium Search that reflects the way you prospect, or with Lead Recommendations tailored for you. Keep track of the people and companies you’re interested in with alerts about career updates, shares, mentions in the news, and new connections.  Engage in meaningful conversations by leveraging introductions through your own network or your company’s network

By helping you stay focused, informed, and trusted, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is your partner in building relationships throughout the sales cycle.