The New Rules of Social Selling and Marketing

Learn how sales reps, sales leadership, and marketing can collaborate to create an effective social selling strategy that drives performance.

February 10, 2015


By adopting social selling practices, organizations can interact with potential buyers online, and can deliver timely insights to become a valuable partner in the buying journey. The organizations that are shifting sales strategies to align with the new buyer journey are realizing success, with two-thirds of teams using social selling hitting quota, while team sales targets are met only half the time at companies without social selling programs.

Whether you are a rep, sales leader, or marketer, we want to help you reach – and blast past – your sales and lead generation targets this year. Toward that end, we are happy to introduce The New Rules of Social Selling and Marketing eBook.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how sales and marketing activities can be aligned around social selling. It includes dedicated sections for reps, sales leaders, and marketers, showing how professionals in each role can help drive results within an effective social selling environment:

  • Sales reps will gain insight on how to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator features to prospect, qualify new leads, and research companies. Reps will also learn how to create a compelling profile, engage prospects with insights, and take other steps to improve their Social Selling Index (SSI).
  • Sales leaders will get tips on providing social selling coaching while optimizing the organizational sales methodology. Sales leaders will also learn how to empower sales reps to develop and nurture their own networks, and will receive tips for motivating the entire team to get on board with social selling.
  • Marketers and demand gen professionals will discover how to provide a complete toolbox of content assets that sales pros can use to engage qualified prospects. Marketing professionals will also get perspective on optimizing processes to align their objectives with sales and organizational goals.

Download the eBook today for a mix of tactical instruction and inspiring company examples to supercharge social selling adoption at your organization.