The Sales Leader's Back to School Checklist

Check out these “back to school” checklist items you can use to ensure your sales team has the social selling tools it needs to succeed over the coming year.

August 31, 2015


For parents, getting kids ready to go back to school can be hectic. You've got back to school shopping, new schedules, transportation considerations, teacher meetings, and the extra TLC that's often required to help children adjust to a new environment. For most of the corporate world, the start of the school year is known as Q3. There's no official "learning kickoff" so to speak. When we reach adulthood, learning is expected to be part of an ongoing process.

As teachers recommend tools and prep plans to help students succeed in the classroom, sales leaders can use back to school time to ensure their teams have the social selling tools they need to succeed. Here are a few items to consider for your back to school checklist:

Hire a Professional Photographer

Today, buyers evaluate sales pros by checking out their social media profiles. Hiring a professional photographer who can make your team look their best is a great way to ensure your team is always putting their best foot (or in this case, face) forward. As Josiane Feigon says, "Hire a photographer, get a nice camera, and take a decent and professional picture. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is the hub of your social sales world. Make it look like you care!"

Invest in Top Notch Training

Whether it's internal training or hiring a consultant, investing in training can show your team you care, leading to career advancement opportunities and better retention of your top team members. There’s also the obvious link to revenue. The more hands on, the better – ROI on sales training quadruples when team members receive in-field coaching and reinforcement.

Use Social Selling Tools to Your Advantage

Social media drives results for sales pros. In fact, 79% of salespeople who use social media outsell their non-social peers. The right social selling tools can help your team see even greater gains than social media alone. Recently, LinkedIn and C9 Inc. data analysts combined two years of sales performance and behavior data from more than 9,000 sales pros in 36 companies. The study found that LinkedIn Sales Navigator users achieve 7x more pipeline growth than those who use only.

Make the Most of Mobile Apps

Earning face time with prospects is golden, and mobile apps allow your sales team to make the most of it. The Sales Navigator Mobile App, for example, delivers on-the-go insights your team can use to enter every meeting fully prepared. Apps can also allow you to deliver interactive presentations and custom quotes. An added benefit is your team won’t have to secure as many meetings (follow-up meetings are never guaranteed), because mobile tech allows them to accomplish more with prospects in real time.

Learning never stops for sales leader, either. To achieve deeper engagement with your customers, employees, and peers, check out our eBook, Executive Playbook: 12 Steps to Become a Social Leader.