Top Content of the Week: Overcome your fear of sales, avoid rookie mistakes, and draft better LinkedIn invitations

Discover the social selling articles trending on LinkedIn, including how to overcome your fear of sales, avoid rookie mistakes, and draft better LinkedIn invitations.

September 20, 2014


What a week for social selling. On the east coast, INBOUND 2014 brought together thousands of sales and marketing professionals to learn more about inbound marketing strategies. On the west coast, LinkedIn’s sold-out Sales Connect conference helped sales professionals master the art of social selling.

Whether you were busy attending these conferences, or were simply too busy to read all the great posts in your LinkedIn feed, we have you covered.

From how to overcome your fear of sales, to avoiding common rookie mistakes, and drafting more effective LinkedIn invitations, here are the posts that were earning clicks and shares on LinkedIn in the last week.

Perception Can Change in an Instant

Many people dislike the idea of selling, even though it is essential to the success of a company. Scott Edinger shared a story on the HBR Blog Network about how he became a human resource management associate to avoid selling. He loved it, until a business lunch with a senior partner and an audit associate changed his mind about sales forever:

“The partner liked us both and remarked that we both had a lot of talent. He went on to say, ‘The main difference is that you (pointing to the audit associate) generate revenue, and you (pointing to me) are overhead.’ Two of the three people at the table had a quick laugh, and my job search began as soon as we returned to the office. “

Learn how Scott recommends other people overcome their resistance to selling in Get Over Your Fear of Sales.

Move Up To the Majors

No matter how good you are at marketing, you need to develop completely different skills to give a successful sales pitch.

Scott Barnett, Senior Director of Online Marketing at LogicMonitor, observes, “Even seasoned marketing execs fall prey to mistakes that are slapped out of entry level sales people in their first year carrying a bag.”

Here are the three rookie mistakes marketing professionals make on sales calls:

  1. The 90-slide PowerPoint deck.
  2. The never-ending preamble to a demo.
  3. The generic, vanilla presentation.

To learn Scott’s tips for how to present like a pro, read 3 Rookie Moves That Marketing Professionals Make on Sales Calls.

Make Your LinkedIn Invitations Count

Large networks are a key to social selling success, but building a large network can be difficult for some sales pros. To connect with a potential customer or partner, you cannot just send a hasty LinkedIn invite. Bland, generic invitations are easily ignored or deleted.

In this post on the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog, Koka Sexton shares what he keeps in mind every time he sends a LinkedIn invitation to a potential client.

For more on how to get better results with your LinkedIn invitations, read Social Selling: How to Create LinkedIn Invitations That Get Accepted.