Top Content of the Week: Rock Star Candidates and Get Back to Me Later

Discover the social selling posts trending on LinkedIn: Be a Rock Star Candidate, Overcome ‘Get Back to Me Later,’ and Use Social Media for Lead Generation.

September 26, 2014


Rock star sellers are always on the move. They are connecting with prospects, building their network, and establishing thought leadership, all while learning the latest social selling tactics and insights.

If you were on the road, or were busy building your prospect fan base, you may have missed checking Pulse this past week. If so, there’s no need to sing the blues because we’ve got you covered.

From how to identify rock star candidates, to building a B2B social selling playbook, to bringing down the house when a prospect says ‘Call me back later,’ here are the posts that were earning clicks and shares on LinkedIn in the last week.

Become a Rock Star Sales Candidate

Over the past two years, Ryan L. Ball, Head of Enterprise Sales, EMEA at HubSpot, has interviewed over 250 sales candidates for HubSpot’s Dublin operation alone.

By asking four questions, Ryan can determine if a candidate has the potential to be a rock star:

  1. Are they curious? Do they want to dig deep when learning about the job?
  1. Can they close me? Are they able to convince me about their value and ask for the sale?
  1. How do they talk about their favorite hobby? Is the passion in their voice when they talk about their hobby similar to when they talk about the job?
  1. Is this someone I can see myself working with closely? Will my team want to work with them?

To learn more about what Ryan looks for when seeking “Rock Star” candidates, read Want a Job In Sales? Here's What I Interview For...

Build Your Social Selling Playbook

Social media gives sales professionals the ability to connect with their prospects in new ways. In this post published on LinkedIn, John White describes how to use B2B social selling to generate more leads for your sales funnel.

Three of the strategies John recommends that sellers add to their prospecting strategies include:

  • Build sharing karma by sharing the content created by your network.
  • Use your LinkedIn profile to reinforce your brand image.
  • Create content to build your sphere of influence.

To learn the other six B2B social selling strategies recommended by John, readUse These B2B Social Media Engagement Tips to Generate More Leads.

Convince Them to Give You an Encore

“I’m glad you called,” said the prospect who just answered the phone. “We’ve discussed doing something like this but we’re working on several other initiatives right now. Can you please give me a call back in about 6 months?”

Unfortunately, asking for a call back later is usually an indication prospects have no intent to move forward in the sales process.  In this post on the LinkedIn Sales Solutions blog, Koka Sexton reveals how salespeople can un-stall the sales process by focusing on ‘why change,’ instead of ‘why us.’

To move beyond ‘Get back to me later,’ sales professionals need to:

  • Understand the status quo of the prospect’s organization.
  • Create a pre-determined set of executive-level outcomes at risk if the status quo continues.
  • List specific threats, problems, and missed opportunities that put each outcome at risk.
  • Align the strengths of their solution with the “new” needs of the prospect.

Read more about how to communicate the need for a solution to a prospect inSales Prospecting: How to Handle ‘Get Back to Me Later’

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