Top Content of the Week: Sales Tips to Warm Introductions, Set-Up More Meetings, and Optimize Sales Processes

Discover the sales tips trending on LinkedIn, including how to set up warm introductions, secure meetings, and optimize sales processes.

September 6, 2014


Grab your cup of coffee, let the warmth seep into your hands and the aroma awaken you. It’s time to settle in with the sales articles that were earning clicks and shares on LinkedIn last week.

From a recovering cold caller who’s dedicated to warm leads, to understanding that time is the most important currency, and why sales management should be auditing everything. Here’s what you need to know:

“Time to turn up the dial with prospects.”

If the thought of falling temperatures makes you shudder, you are not alone. LinkedIn’s Daryl Weinhoff reveals that no one likes it cold, especially not B2B buyers.

The recovering cold-caller remembers, “While I had the persistence and tenacity to capture the 10% of people who were even open to hearing what I had to say, I never truly realized how much I was limiting myself in terms of success. It definitely was not fun for me and I am sure it was not fun for the people on the receiving end of my outreach.”

Even more than bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, an introduction from a mutual acquaintance can warm up the air when connecting with a prospect. But finding a network connection does not magically result in a sale; what it does is open the door. It is then up to you to engage with the prospect and nurture the relationship.

To learn more about Daryl’s three strategies for warming up your introductions with prospects, read No One Likes It Cold.

”They will want to meet with me because I am worth it.”

“Time is the new money,” writes Dorie Clark. “No one can afford to give it away carelessly these days.”

Instead of thinking why you want a meeting with a prospect, think about why they should want a meeting with you. Hint:  It is not to hear a sales pitch about a product or service.

To increase the “yes” replies to your meeting requests, ask yourself:

  • What is their ROI from the meeting?
  • Why should they meet with you?
  • What creditability do you have?

The final key is in how you ask for a meeting. Keep your focus on warm introductions, modest requests for time, and sensible approaches to set yourself up for success.

For more details about how Dorie gets on the calendars of her prospects, read Score a Meeting with Just About Anyone.

”Should I change my sales process or stick with what worked before?”

Many sales executives struggle with this dilemma, especially when a current sales process is still working. But, according to Trisha Ahlman, sales executives need to constantly evolve their processes to meet the changing needs of buyers.

“As the economy begins to rebound, now is the time to super-charge your sales results and look for areas to optimize,” she writes. “Smart CEOs have a sense of urgency … even when things are going well.”

Research supports her point; companies that keep sales management on their corporate agenda have 50-80% higher revenue and profitability.

What should be on the mind of sales executives at all times? Let’s rundown the list; auditing current practices, uncovering new opportunities, creating a systematic sales process, finding and training top tier talent, ensuring alignment between marketing and sales, and developing client relationships.

To learn more about the five factors sales executives should optimize, read Sales Performance Continues to Decline Even as the Economy Rebounds and What Strategic CEOs Do to Stay Ahead of the Competition.

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