Using Linkedin as a Platform for Social Selling Infographic

December 4, 2013


Social selling is a simple new way to make real connections and to collect real leads. Professional networking platform LinkedIn allows you to pinpoint prospects without resorting to search engines that will turn up a few hundred thousand less-than-qualified hits. A simple search offers you relevant information about your prospects and their companies quickly, and provides you with valuable leads for actionable and ideal social selling.

If you're only connected to a single person in a company, there's no need to worry. You can grow your network quickly using “LinkedIn Sales Navigator search”, which allows you to build leads and conduct advanced targeted searches. You can also expand your network by requesting introductions from those  you're already connected with. This takes your “single thread” lead and transforms it into a tapestry of people from all departments in a company.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can also help you create an ordered list of potential clients based on priority. Each prospect you locate is backed by reliable data from LinkedIn. Likewise, companies looking for a vendor in your industry can accurately locate you on LinkedIn based on data they trust and see, solidifying you as a reliable, qualified contact.

The ability to follow companies is another facet of LinkedIn that can help supercharge your sales numbers. Often, management announces plans and goals for their company on social platforms, creating a great opportunity for your company to introduce yourselves and assist them with your service. Establish a set number of companies to follow and briefly report on them to your organization once per month. For example, a company's leadership may announce that they are planning to open a new data center in two years. Your team might then further investigate and begin marshaling new contacts within the company. This type of fresh business intelligence provides actionable steps for sales professionals to take.

Social selling is the quickest and most efficient way to target and meet prospective clients. As the world's largest professional referral site, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool in your sales book to successful selling.