Using LinkedIn to Boost B2B Sales

October 29, 2013

LinkedIn chocolate1

A growing number of sales professionals are leveraging social media to increase sales and boost their web credibility. According to a survey by Business Insider, 24% of sales professionals reported that they surpassed their sales goals in 2012 thanks to social media. Only 19% of non-social media users, on the other hand, reported exceeding their quotas. This statistic clearly demonstrates the efficacy of social media as a platform to provide new leads and capitalize on them.

LinkedIn has gradually developed into the second most popular social selling platform behind Facebook. In addition to helping sales professionals in online prospecting, it facilitates networking between businesses. The subsequent relationships have created symbiotic partnerships that benefit all of the businesses involved. These types of relationships also drive B2B sales on LinkedIn.

Many salespeople are already knowledgeable about different social selling strategies they could use on LinkedIn. Very few, however, understand the significance of LinkedIn for B2B sales and how to leverage it. Here are some tips to help you establish relationships and improve your B2B sales through LinkedIn:

Increase Your Activity in LinkedIn Groups: One of the best ways to establish yourself on LinkedIn is consistently being active in groups. Other B2B prospects will learn about you, and your activities will draw their interests toward you. Being active also significantly boosts your credibility as a business to both B2B and B2C prospects.

Explore Other Groups: Of course, sticking to just one or two Groups may not generate the results you had hoped for. It's best to be outgoing and participate in multiple groups. This gives you a chance to market your business and help other businesses learn about your brand, products and services. A simple chat with an established business via their LinkedIn Group could eventually land you a lucrative sales deal.

Be Aware of Your Prospects' Profiles: The best way to analyze the potential relationships you could have with other businesses is by inspecting profiles, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator's TeamLink can identify connections that would otherwise be invisible. Study everything carefully and determine how your business may help the prospects. This will subsequently help you approach the businesses with relevant insights that could land you some targeted sales deals.