Welcome to the Era of the Sales Superhero (Costumes Optional)

March 24, 2014

Welcome to the era of the sales superhero

su·per·he·ro  [soo-per-heer-oh]: a hero possessing extraordinary powers.

We’ve entered a new age of superheroes. Sales professionals are breaking through the barriers of the modern buying process. Armed with insights and boundless relationships, they find the best paths into new accounts. They navigate complex organizations, nurturing long-term relationships and establishing multiple threads of dialogue. They are sales superheroes.

What makes a superhero? Wikipedia, unsurprisingly, suggests a long list of traits:

  • Extraordinary powers, exceptional skills, or advanced equipment. Super powers vary widely. Some superheroes, such as Batman, don’t have superhuman powers but instead mastered skills such as martial arts. Other superheroes supplement their natural powers with a special weapon, such as Wonder Woman's lasso and bracelets. In addition to mastering the core skills of social and relationship selling, sales superheroes drive even greater efficiency and impact with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • A strong moral code, in the service of good. These sales superheroes are customer-centric and partner-centric. Their work is in service of their clients and prospects, and the success they receive in return is a by-product of their dedication to great business partners.
  • An underlying theme. Sales superheroes have a personal brand. They’re able to explain what they do, why they do it, and how it helps people. Their LinkedIn profiles help them tell this story so people in their networks can identify them as experts and know when to reach out.
  • A supporting cast of recurring characters, including the hero's friends and co-workers. Sales superheroes know leveraging their networks to get insights and introductions is key. They use TeamLink and their LinkedIn connections to create virtual selling teams that drive results.
  • A distinctive costume. Okay, this one is optional… But having a sense of style can’t hurt.

Are you a sales superhero? If not, check out  these tips to help you get started