Why Using a Trusted Name Facilitates Better Buyer-Seller Relations

Learn how Sales Navigator helps you make the most of LinkedIn’s trusted brand name in your interactions with buyers with these social selling tips.

July 20, 2015


Imagine you are shopping online for a new Bluetooth headset. You search for deals and find the perfect model on Amazon.com. But then you notice that it’s also available on a site called “Joe’s House of Elektronik Stuf.” Even better, instead of shipping with UPS or FedEx, Joe says he exclusively uses “Joe’s  Reel Fast Shipping Company.” Would you give Joe a chance? Or just order from Amazon?

If you chose to stick with the trusted brand name, you’re in the majority. People generally prefer to work with a brand that has a reputation for integrity and quality service.

LinkedIn is a trusted brand name for your potential customers. Nearly 200 million business professionals use the platform on a monthly basis.

When you trust LinkedIn Sales Navigator to be part of your social selling routine, you gain access to insights that can make you more valuable to your buyers. When you reach out to buyers on LinkedIn, you’re augmenting your message with LinkedIn’s trusted name.

Use these social selling tips to learn how to enhance your buyer relationships with LinkedIn’s brand.

Trust Your Sales Personal Assistant

Sales Navigator is designed to keep you up-to-date on your target accounts. It collects actionable insights on your saved leads and presents them to you in real-time. Because your buyers trust LinkedIn as a platform for sharing their updates, you can trust the information you get from Sales Navigator.

To start using your personal sales assistant, save leads and accounts to see their updates in your feed. You can also add the contacts from your CRM software and Sales Navigator will match that contact information with LinkedIn profiles. The more you trust the platform to gather information for you, the more opportunities you will find.

Build Buyer Trust with Insightful Outreach

With Sales Navigator, you can send up to 30 InMails a month. InMail is the most effective way to send messages on LinkedIn. While posting in your prospect’s feed and in LinkedIn Groups are great ways to stay in touch, InMail can establish a more open, personal dialog. InMail also bypasses overstuffed email inboxes and spam folders.

LinkedIn members are more likely to read an InMail because it comes from a trusted brand. LinkedIn has a reputation for discouraging spam and promoting quality. As long as you make sure your outreach is timely and relevant, your InMail can benefit from LinkedIn’s brand trust.

Use Trusted Referrals to Enhance Your Brand

Let’s go back to the analogy in the introduction for a minute. Suppose a longtime friend of yours said they always ordered from Joe’s House of Elektronik Stuf, and the products always arrived on time and in great condition. Despite Joes’ spelling troubles, you might give his service a try, since the referral came from a trusted source.

Similarly, you can use warm referrals to add a trusted name to your personal brand. The How You’re Connected feature on saved leads’ profiles can help you broker a warm introduction from a mutual connection. And with TeamLink, you can harness the power of your entire sales team’s network to find people who can connect you with a promising prospect.

With the information Sales Navigator provides, you can reach out to prospects with confidence. You can trust that your message will be relevant because you have up-to-the-minute intelligence backing it up.

Your buyer’s trust in the LinkedIn brand will help your message get seen, and the quality of your messaging will build your own reputation with your buyers. You can even use Sales Navigator to find mutual connections who can lend their reputation to a warm introduction. For all your social selling efforts, LinkedIn’s trusted brand can help you become a trusted brand yourself.

 For more tips and strategies on using Sales Navigator to up your social selling game, download the Insider’s Guide to Sales Navigator.