World Cup Flashback: Don’t Be a Social Selling Vuvuzela

With social selling, it doesn’t really matter if a seller is introverted or extroverted. See how social tactics can be applied across all personality types.

June 19, 2014


As the world kicks off another World Cup in Brazil, we can't help but look back at the South African competition in 2010 -- and the infamous vuvuzela. The vuvuzela produced a long, flat, droning sound -- and it took about 5 seconds before the rest of the world was sick of it. The Rio World Cup has already established its own annoying noisy contraption – the caxirola – though it’s banned in participating stadiums.

If you sales strategy is boring, all your prospect will hear is a flat sound. Don't be a vuvuzela with your sales strategy -- here are some tips to throw variety into your messaging and make sure the audience doesn’t tune you out.

Keep your content varied

The vuvuzela is a simple toy that produces one sound. But when you gather over 64,000 of them into one stadium, the noise can overpower the actual game. All those vuvuzelas are producing the exact same noise, which eventually aggravated the audience whether in-person or watching on TV.

Take this same idea and analyze the content you’re promoting on LinkedIn.
Are you hitting all of the prospect’s key concerns, or merely focusing on one? Are you posting the same message over and over, with no variety or unique insight?

Posting the same type of content creates a vuvuzela-like effect on your prospect – and soon enough they’ll get tired of listening. Vary your content to include items like:

  • Status updates
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • White papers
  • Images
  • Internal group discussions
  • Statistics and analytical insights
  • Recommendations

Publishing a variety of content is only the first step. Next, be prepared to monitor engagement and adjust your content mix based on results.

Add personal touches

World Cup attendees often decorated their vuvuzelas with team colors and other designs, hoping to differentiate themselves from the horde. Still, it was merely changing form – the function remained the same.

Adding a personal touch to curated content is a best practice for social sellers, however.

More than simply sharing a link or graphic, adding additional insight boosts your credibility. It’s easy to share an article without comment, but you’ll separate yourself with some personal perspective if you share the article plus your perspective.

Connect with various prospect contacts

We’ve already heard what happens when you combine vuvuzelas together – the sound doesn’t get any better, only louder. The difference between one vuvuzela and several is negligible – but luckily, this doesn’t apply in social selling strategies.

The difference between one prospect contact and several is immense – and can save your sale if your primary contact leaves the company, for example. This is the multi-threading approach to B2B sales, where multiple prospect contacts are nurtured across the buying cycle.

More vuvuzelas may not improve the quality of the sound, but more prospect contacts definitely improve your resonance within a prospect company and can increase your chances of closing the sale.

Vuvuzelas are thankfully a bygone fad, but the dangers from boring sales strategies are always present. Throw away the vuvuzela, and learn to embrace variety in your strategy to become a valued voice to your prospects and enjoy the added benefit of speeding up the sales cycle.