In sales and marketing, few times of the year are as exciting or inspirational as a company’s annual sales kickoff. But it’s not just what happens at the kickoff that has impact – creating a game plan for the lead-up to the event and post-kickoff can drive measureable, lasting change throughout the year and get you closer to your business goals. Whether you’re a sales rep, sales leader or marketer, let this playbook be your guide to your most triumphant kickoff yet.

In this eBook from HubSpot and LinkedIn, you'll learn:

  • Pre-kickoff guidelines to help you leverage lessons learned last year for more effective sales and marketing planning
  • How to glean the most relevant insights during kickoff, create excitement around sales goals, and internalize any changes to your target buyer
  • Ways to adjust your sales strategy and marketing messaging post-kickoff to keep up with target buyer shifts, ingrain social selling into your daily routine, and craft more effective marketing materials


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