"LinkedIn, everyone says they have it. It's like a gym membership. But you don't necessarily see the results, unless you train and utilize the platform appropriately."

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Can you tie your activity on LinkedIn Sales Navigator to any deals or new relationships you've built?

I can give you two or three, actually. The first example is of a prospective client, who is connected to me through my network. He recently told me that when I share information with him, he saves it because he doesn't necessarily always have time to read it.

But I know he's seeing it, and I know he knows my thought processes. Through Sales Navigator, I'm also gaining insights into what he finds valuable. I'm seeing what he likes and what he comments on. He’s said to me, "Hey. You're always top of mind for me," and that's priceless.

How do you think selling will change in the next five years?

When I look at the financial services industry, it's always been about who you're meeting, and what relationships you’ve built. But I think more and more people are going to find that Sales Navigator will offer greater insights, and greater connectivity to organizations, and people they want to do business with.

People might say, "Well, you have to make 100 calls a day." Yeah, but if I make 100 calls a day, and I get one response versus sending out ten specialized InMail messages, and I get three appointments, I'd rather have that success ratio.

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