Setting Up

To get started with Deals, click on ‘Deals’ on the top navigation bar of Sales Navigator, or go to

From here, you will:

1. Connect Deals to your CRM.

  • By connecting your CRM, Deals will access your teams’ Opportunities and Contacts. You will have the same level of authority to view or edit fields that you do in your CRM.
  • When you edit information in Deals, it will be updated to your CRM in near real-time, allowing you to easily keep your pipeline up-to-date.

2. Select your role.

  • Select 'Sales Representative'.
Finding Leads


If you run into any technical issues:

Visit the LinkedIn Sales Help Center for technical articles that answer the most frequently asked questions.

To learn more tips and best practices:

Visit the the Customer Hub for links to live webinar sessions and on-demand learning resources that you can share with others.