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About InMail


What is InMail?

InMail is a credible, private, and customized messaging tool helping you contact any LinkedIn user, including 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

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Why Send an InMail?

When used well, InMail can generate a higher response rate, in comparison to low response rates from a cold call or cold email.

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What's the goal of sending an InMail?

To quickly and effectively start a warm conversation with insights, giving you more time and support to sell.

InMail Policy

Policies help ensure that our members receive high-quality InMails, and help our customers achieve the highest response rates possible.

You receive InMail credit for every InMail that generates a response within 90 days of the send date. If you do not get a reply back or receive a ‚ÄúNot interested‚ÄĚ response, then you will not receive credit back.

InMail Tips

Use these guidelines to help craft a compelling InMail and increase your response rate:


Choose wisely:

Do your research and engage with insights. You only get a limited quantity of InMail each month, so optimize the quality of your message.


Personalize it:

Research their profile, and look for common interests, connections, or work experiences - use these insights to make it about them.


Write a compelling subject line:

Grab their attention immediately by including a business topic and/or a personal touch in the subject line.

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Start a conversation:

Use InMail to start a conversation and build rapport. Conduct a discovery and explain your solution afterwards in a meeting or via phone.

Be brief:

More than half of InMails are read on mobile. Keep your personalized message brief - 150 words or less - to increase your likelihood for response.

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Make a call to action:

Use InMail to start the conversation, not seal the deal. Use InMail to open the door - ‚ÄúAre you free for a 15 minute call on Thursday at 10AM?‚ÄĚ

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Have a strong profile:

After viewing your InMail, prospects will jump to your profile. Position yourself and your company in the best light to build credibility and trust.


Leverage relationships:

Prospects who share meaningful things in common with you, such as shared experiences or interests, are more likely to respond.

Composing InMails

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Before writing an InMail, consider:

  • See the number of InMail credits you have left.

  • Review the lead's profile for insights, or use the insights highlighted at the bottom of the InMail box.
  • Customize your signature and include your contact information.

Note: The Send InMail button on a person's profile will change to Send Message when a prospect has accepted your InMail or the person is a 1st-degree connection.

Sales Navigator Inbox

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Before writing an InMail, consider:

  • You'll see the prospect's profile information as well as conversation insights on the right rail that you can use to personalize your message.
  • If you haven't already, you can save them as a lead within the Sales Navigator inbox.