About Setting Sales Preferences

Sales Preferences are criteria you set to let Sales Navigator know what types of leads you want to see based on region, industry, function, and seniority level.

You can select multiple preferences and Sales Navigator will use saved preferences to surface lead recommendations based on your interests.

How to Set Sales Preferences from Settings

1. In Sales Navigator, hover over Discover and select Edit your sales preferences

2. Scroll down to the Sales Preferences section.

3. Enter or select your target GeographiesIndustryCompany SizeFunction, and Seniority level. 

4. Click Done in each category to save your updates.

5. If one of your selections no longer applies, uncheck and click Done

After you set your sales preferences...

Observe how Sales Navigator surfaces the types of leads you want to see.

If you're finding that you're not getting the leads you'd like, readjust your Sales Preferences by fine tuning or expanding your reach.