Note: TeamLink is only available to Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise account members. To learn more about how TeamLink works, see this article.

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What is TeamLink?

TeamLink allows you an easy way to make warm introductions to your prospects using your entire team's network.

TeamLink works by identifying Sales Navigator license holders on your team account who are 1st-degree connections to a prospect, even if you're not connected to your teammate on LinkedIn.

With this information, you can easily make a warm introduction using the support of your TeamLink connection.

Image of Intro via Teamlink



Example of a Warm Introduction Request:

Let's ask Noah, our TeamLink connection, for a warm introduction to our prospect, Sam:

When requesting a warm introduction from a TeamLink connection, always:

A. State intent with care: Let your TeamLink connection know how you intend to help the prospect resolve a business need or achieve a goal.

B. Provide an 'out': Give your TeamLink connection the option to refuse, or provide alternative options such as asking for more information on the prospect.

C. Prepare a prewritten message: Save your TeamLink time and assure that you get your key points across by providing a prewritten message that they can forward.

Tip: Learn more about effective personalized outreach by reading the InMail Best Practices tip sheet.

Tip: You can also use other communication channels that you and your TeamLink connection is most comfortable with, such as via email, phone, an internal messaging system, or simply by walking over to their desk.


Don’t repeatedly ask the same TeamLink connection for introductions.

Keep your TeamLink connection informed on your progress with the prospect.

Follow up 2-3 business days after your initial request with your TeamLink connection.

Ask your TeamLink connection if you may drop their name as a fallback if they are not comfortable making the introduction themselves.