Can you tell me about your role and responsibilities?

I do business development at Qualtrics. That translates to qualifying leads and searching for the right people to talk to. I usually set the initial meeting and then the sales rep takes over.

Qualtrics is the leading enterprise survey platform that serves clients looking to collect customer, employee or market data. I’m usually looking for the person in charge of customer experience, product experience, and brand testing.

I love it here because there's so much room to grow. In only four months, I’m being recognized for my success and have already graduated to targeting enterprise accounts.


How did you start using LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

I went through a hefty ramp up process. Initially, I found myself lagging behind my peers until a colleague suggested I start using LinkedIn. I had a big 'aha' moment pretty early on. 30 customized InMails sent out on a Friday afternoon, yielded 10 fruitful leads by Monday morning.

After my manager found out about my success, we adopted Sales Navigator on the team. I also become the official "LinkedIn Guy." I think a couple of weeks after I first started using it, I found myself in front of 80 colleagues teaching them how to use the tool.

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“I went from being among the most underperforming members of my team, to being in the top 10%, thanks solely to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.”

What are your tips for using LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

My first piece of advice is to always invest time in Sales Navigator. It’s important because the updates and insights are always changing. When I first started, a lot of colleagues jumped on LinkedIn. But they quickly abandoned it when they didn’t see the immediate results.

I always encouraged them, "Stick with it." Once they got accustomed to the tools within Sales Navigator, they became instant believers. I think they found value they didn’t know existed. They just had to give the tool a chance.

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If you could tag team a sales pitch with one person, fictional, historical or a contemporary, who would it be?

I'm going to have to say Benjamin Franklin. He’s the most innovative person I've ever read about. Not many people realize how his ideas changed the business world.

He had the skills every salesmen needs, well spoken, quick on his feet, and inquisitive. That's the kind of the person I would love to have on my team, Benjamin Franklin.

Bryce’s LinkedIn Sales Navigator secrets

Learn tips and secrets from the unofficial “LinkedIn Guy” at Qualtrics. Check out his tips to get started.

How do you build your professional brand on LinkedIn?

I read a great book that got me started; it's called "Branding Yourself." It taught me that personal branding is huge. It’s why I have a blog and am hoping to start publishing on LinkedIn soon.

My personal brand is key to showcasing what I’m all about. That’s why I spend so much time improving my LinkedIn Profile. A personal brand is how you would describe yourself to a stranger. You don't need to be perfect, just be yourself.

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What are some of your favorite places to go if you're not at home or at the office?

Utah is beautiful. There are a couple of really short hikes that I love, my favorite being Bridal Veil Falls. It's about 10 miles outside of Provo, and it's just a great little waterfall.

Also my wife plays competitive volleyball, so we play a lot of volleyball together and with friends. Actually, her team went to the national championship this year. I guess playing volleyball isn’t really a location or spot, but it's one of the places I love to be if I’m not at home or in the office.


What does success mean to you?

I think success is very individualized. It comes from the gratification you receive doing what you love to do. Success is a mind spinning off with innovation. I love taking ideas from others, and applying them to my situation in a unique way. I think that's what success is – being able to innovate on your terms.