1. Access the Sales Navigator Community through SN. You can do this by selecting "Community" on the drop-down menu beneath your photo in the right top corner of your SN homepage OR under the pop-up beneath ''Help'' in the bottom right corner of the page. 

2. Join the New Members group and share your current role and key challenges.​

3. If you speak any of the 6 official SN languages in addition to English, join your localized group and engage with other modern selling members that share your native language.​

1.Once you've taken the previous steps, it's time to start engaging in Community. Use the search bar to find topics or features of interest to you.​

2. Visit the Ideas page. Check out some of the suggestions other Community members have shared and vote or comment if there's something you'd like to see in Sales Navigator. Additionally, feel free to post your own ideas in order to submit them to our Product team.​​

3. Check out the Events page and discover upcoming webinars or events.​

4. Go to the Groups page and join any of the industry or regional groups. ​

1. Once you're in the Community, update your Community profile. Make sure to add your job title and a short description about yourself.​

2. Upload your photo – you can use the same one you have on your LinkedIn profile.​