Empower Yourself

In-person selling and cold-calling are no longer feasible options in today's environment. As modern sellers, we need to adapt quickly -- this means finding new ways to connect with buyers, as well as engaging decision makers in thoughtful ways.

Take action:

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Acquisition and upsells still matter, but in times of crisis it's just as important to focus on keeping the customers you already have. Becoming a trusted partner during time of crisis could mean the difference between losing and keeping existing business.

Take action:

  • Check your Sales Navigator Alerts regularly to stay informed and surface new reasons to reach out to existing customers
  • Utilize Smart Links to engage with customers and track how buyers are responding to content 
  • Create and share Custom Lists with other team members (e.g. Customer Success) to collaborate on new ways you can support existing customers
  • Take advantage of what you already have: your network. Use the Sales Navigator filters on your own Network (under Lists) to identify connections you didn't know you had into key accounts 




Acquire New Business

Uncertainty means that roles and responsibilities are most likely going to change for many of our customers. It’s more important than ever to have multiple points of contact within an account, as turnover during a downturn can upend relationships and deals in progress.

Take action:

  • Leverage Sales Navigator's Teamlink feature to secure introductions to other decision makers
  • Learn about the concept of multi-threading, and discover how you can establish a multi-threaded minset
  • Map out your entire Buyer’s Circle. Save them as leads in Sales Navigator to ensure you get notified of trigger events relevant to your decision makers 

We Are Here For You

Finally, remember that as a Sales Navigator customer, you have access to technical support at your fingertips, including live chat. Click on the resources below to learn more.

Take action:

  • For technical or account questions, speak to a Help Center support representative