We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a Modern Selling Week for UK/I this coming November 25th through 29th.

A week of exclusive interviews with Modern Selling experts. Learn how to incorporate Modern Selling strategies across your entire Sales Organisation. Hear how individual sellers, sales leadership and our customers make an impact on revenue generation across the sales cycle.  

Please encourage all your Sales Navigator seat holders to attend.

Monday 25th of November - 11am

Hunting and Closing for New Business with Sales Navigator

Have you ever wondered how our reps use Sales Navigator to find decision makers, map out the buyers circle and close new business? This is your chance to hear from both an Account Executive and their Sales Development partner on how they do just that. 


Host: Lucy Devlin, Customer Success Manager 


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Tuesday 26th of November - 11am

Growing Accounts for Account Managers

Hear how our Account Managers use Sales Navigator to keep up to date with their key accounts, map out the buyers circle and engage with insights to become a trusted partner to build relationships at scale.


Host: Gillian Sheridan, Customer Success Manager


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Wednesday 27th of November - 11am

How to become a Modern Selling Champion from our Users

Hear from two of LinkedIn’s current customer power users on how they have successfully built Sales Navigator into their daily selling strategy to further drive revenue and build robust relationships. 


Host: Jamie Barbour, Customer Success Manager


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Thursday 28th of November - 11am

Sales Navigator for Sales Managers

Interested to hear how you can incorporate Sales Navigator into your teams daily workflow? Hear from our Head of New Business & Head of European Sales where they will share their top tips on how your teams can get the most from Sales Navigator.


Host: Susan Casey, Customer Success Manager


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November 29th - 11am

Product Release Updates

Have you received our quarterly product release announcements? Here's your chance to hear about all the new product enhancements we have recently added to the Sales Navigator portfolio.


Host: Tomas Kuzma, Senior Customer Success Manager 


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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Relationship Manager.