LinkedIn Profile Tips

Strengthen your profile to build trust and interest from your prospects.

Finding Leads

1. Change Your Background Image

Use an image that best represents your industry, company, or location. By making this simple switch, you can immediately make your profile appear relevant to your target audience.

2. Upload a Professional Photo

Use a professional headshot. Profiles with photos receive a 40% higher InMail response rate, as people like to see who they’re speaking to. Also, Sales Navigator users have a larger photo than other members to better stand out.

3. Write a Compelling Headline

The text underneath your name is the headline. It’s the first thing people look at in your profile after your photo, and follows your name in search results.

Instead of simply entering your job title underneath your name, creatively explain what you do or how you help clients (e.g., “helping sales teams grow their business through social selling”).

4. Tell Your Story in Your Summary

After your photo and headline, the most commonly read portion of your profile is the Summary. Use this area to tell your story, including your passion, professional background, company contribution, and add a call to action.

5. Add Rich Media

Provide prospects and customers quick access to important files and presentations such as data sheets, white papers, and presentations. Upload files from your computer,  or add links to videos, or SlideShare presentations. 

Elevate Your Profile Further

Use these additional tips to really cater your profile to your target customers.

Customize your public profile URL

Your LinkedIn public profile URL is a great addition to your email signatures and business cards and will you more discoverable in search engines. Create a URL that is easy to recognize and best represents you.

Add your contact information

Your contact information is only visible to your direct connections. After you've connected with a prospect or colleague, you'll want to make it easy for them to contact you.

Ask for recommendations

Ask for recommendations from colleagues, employers, and even better, clients who can speak credibly about your abilities and contributions. Ask them to focus on a specific skill or personality trait that drives their opinion of you. Think quality over quantity, and be authentic. 

To ask for a recommendation, scroll down on your profile page to the Recommendations section.

After you update your LinkedIn profile...

Observe how your interactions with your prospects change. Use this as insight to keep your profile current and relevant to your and your prospects' interests and needs.