Custom Lists are a great way to organize your workflow and keep track of leads, accounts, and existing clients.

With Sales Navigator custom Lists, you can:

1. Segment your pipeline based on what’s relevant to you.

2. Share your Lists with others to collaborate more effectively.

3. Take notes or collaborate on your lead or account directly within a List.

4. Prioritize your Lists based on Sales Navigator Spotlights.


To learn step-by-step how to create and manage custom Lists, see this article.


Organize Your Pipeline

The Lists experience is left flexible to match your workflow.

Here are a few examples of how to customize Lists based on your role:

  •  If you are in sales development, prospecting into books of business for multiple account executives, you may want to create Lists that align with your quarterly target accounts for each account executive (ie.  Account Executive Name_ Q1 Target Accounts) and share them with your AEs for visibility. You can now use this list to track the status of each of your accounts with your Account Executive.

  • If you are a sales rep trying to grow your business, you may want to organize your List segmented by industry or geography. Share this List with your boss so they  can better understand how you are penetrating these markets (ie. West Coast Pharmaceutical Leads).

  • If you are focused on staying up to date with current customers or clients, you may want to organize your List by likelihood to churn or renewal date (ie. Q2 Customer Renewal). This way, you can make sure to engage with specific accounts that require more attention.

Share Your Custom List

Custom Lists help you stay organized with your Saved Leads and Accounts. Sharing allows you to give others on your contract visibility into your pipeline. 

Collaboration features include:

  1. Share a custom List with other users on your contract
  2. Get alerted when a list has been shared with you.​
  3. Collaborate using the Comments field
  4. Sort by “Last Updated” so you can stay on top of fresh Leads and Accounts
  5. *New* List owners can now designate View Only or Edit permissions to ensure collaborators modify the correct lists. (To learn more, click here)
  6. *New* List owners will now receive alerts when leads or accounts have been added/removed from a custom list 

Take important notes or collaborate on your Saved Leads and Accounts

Within your custom Lists, there is a Comments section with a free form text field where you can log important information. If you’ve shared a List with other people on your contract, they now have the ability to collaborate within this section. One of the best ways to stay on top of the most recent updates, is to sort by the column “Last Updated.”

Some examples of what you may want to track are:

  • Status, context of last outreach, date of last outreach, next action, date of next action, stage of pipeline renewal date, likelihood to churn, or time of the year to reach out.

Prioritize with Sales Navigator Spotlights

  • Spotlights can help you prioritize the Lists you’ve created.
  • These unique LinkedIn insights are strong signals that may help determine your next step.
  • For example, if you see that some of your Leads have “changed Jobs in the past 90 days” you may reach out to that prospect to see if you have an opportunity at their new company or reconnect with other decision makers at the company that person recently left.