Account Center is a new experience that allows Sales Navigator Admins to more easily manage user licenses, Groups, and perform permission assignments at scale.

With Account Center, Admins can:

  • Effectively manage seats and permissions for one or more licenses​.

  • Communicate at scale through bulk emails to users and Group​s.

  • Experience seamless navigation between LinkedIn dashboards from a single, centralized location.


Note: Account Center is available to Sales Navigator Team corporate customers or Enterprise customers. 

Accessing Account Center

To access Account Center:

Log in to your Sales Navigator Admin account.

Under the ADMIN tab at the top of the page, select Admin Management from the dropdown menu.

You can also visit directly via linkedin.com/accountcenter.

Managing and Activating Users

Manage seats and assign users to Groups in one place.​

Account Center is your one stop shop to perform Admin tasks at scale.

A. Account Center provides admins a snapshot of licenses activated, pending, and available at an aggregate level, as well as by user.

B. Admins also have the ability to sort users by last invited date, activated date, or CRM sync status.

To add users and assign licenses, or assign users to a Group:

1.  Visit the Users tab.

2. Click on the Add users button, and select the method of your preference (i.e. via email, CRM, CSV upload).

3. Next, you can select users, assign licenses, segment users into groups, or set permissions.


We recommend reaching at least 90% seat activation in order to make the most out of your Sales Navigator program. You can learn more about activating licenses in Account Center here and track your progress on your admin home page.

To change groups or permissions for an existing user:

1.  Visit the Users tab.

2. Select the user by clicking the radio button. 

3. Click "Manage licenses" or "Manage groups" to complete your action 

You have the ability to view and manage user level details from the User Profile page.

This profile page is different from the user personal LinkedIn profile.

It allows you to:

  • View and edit employee information including email address

  • Send an email to the corporate email address

  • View and manage group membership for the user

  • View and assign licenses

Managing Existing Admins

Assign permissions to tailor admin access based on organizational needs.​

To assign Admin permissions:

Visit the Admins tab.

  • To change a user's permission level, click on the [...] next to their profile, and select Manage permissions from the dropdown menu.

Permission levels include User, Sub Admin, and Full Admin:

  • User: No admin access, can only use the product.
  • Sub Admin: Limited admin access, fit for specific use cases. 
    • A sub-admin can have a combination of the following permission categories:
      •  Manage user and license 
      • View and generate reports 
      • Manage Single Sign On (SSO) and Employee Data Integration (EDI) settings (only for Enterprise edition customers)
  • Full Admin: Complete admin access.

Managing Groups

Increase scalability by managing segments of users in Groups.​

*What's Changed: Groups is an elevated experience of Tags. If you have previously used Tags, they will now appear as Groups in Account Center.

Groups help reflect how your team is organized. You can create groups that reflect user types by role, title, region or reporting structure.

To create a new group:

1. Visit the Groups tab.

2. Click on the Create new group button.

To add users to a group, you can:

  • Visit the Users tab, and select a user (or multiple users). Click on the [...] next to their profile(s) and click on Add to Group
  • Visit the Groups tab, and click on the [...] next to their profile, then add users. Type in a user’s name and add them to the group.

  • Automatically add users to groups using CSV upload or single sign-on.

Performing Bulk Actions

Increase scalability by managing segments of users in Groups.​

To perform a bulk action, filter and select users, click on Select All, then perform a bulk action such as:

A. Assigning or revoke licenses.

B. Resending invite emails.

C. Emailing users.

D. Adding or removing users from groups.

E. Managing CRM sync settings.

Tip: Easily assign users to Groups across Account Center.

To perform bulk actions with groups:

Visit the Groups tab, and click on a Group profile. From here, you can:

A. Add new members or email group users​.

B. Manage licenses for group users​.

C. View group Info: ​

  • Group owner​
  • Creation date​
  • Last modified date​

D. Manage user within a group​.

Tip: Scale engagement by emailing user groups. ​

Switching Between LinkedIn Applications

Efficiently manage license deployments across LinkedIn product lines.​

If you're an Admin for multiple product lines across LinkedIn, Account Center will help you perform admin tasks easily all in one place.

To manage your LinkedIn applications:

Click on your profile image at the top right of Account Center. From here, you can manage multiple LinkedIn application instances from a single, centralized location​.