CRM Widget   |   CRM Sync

*Note: Sales Navigator Team or Sales Navigator Enterprise edition are required to enable the widget and/or sync. Please view the installation and enablement guides below for any specific CRM requirements.


CRM Widget

With the CRM Widget, you can view LinkedIn information in the same place you are already tracking your other sales activities, delivering these benefits:

  • Productivity – The widget meets you where you work, saving time and boosting productivity. Less toggling between screens leads to a seamless experience.
  • Enriched Data – The widget provides rich Sales Navigator data within your CRM environment so you can quickly generate the insights you need to have meaningful conversations and build relationships

Our CRM Widget is a small frame that shows Sales Navigator information about the selected lead or account within your CRM.

Please view the CRM Widget Installation Guide for a comprehensive list of setup steps and requirements.

CRM Sync

With CRM Sync, instantly log and import sales activity to and from your CRM with a simple click, so you can focus on what matters most—selling.

  • Save time by leveraging existing users in your CRM to manage and assign seats.
  • Drive adoption among users with auto-populated saved leads and accounts.
  • Centralize control with Admin-initiated CRM sync for your entire organization.

Please view the CRM Sync Installation Guide for a comprehensive list of setup steps and requirements.