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Ways to Search on Sales Navigator

Advanced Search

Build your lead list with advanced search filters including seniority, function, company size, etc.

People Search

With over 500M up-to-date professional profiles, you can find the people you need.

Company Search

With over 2M company pages on, you can find the companies you want to target.

Advanced Search

Quickly find prospects using the most popular search criteria on Sales Navigator.

Finding Leads

1. In Sales Navigator, in the top search bar, hover over Advanced. Click Search for leads or Search for accounts.

2. In the Filter Your Search pop-up window, select your preferred filters and either type in or click on your preferred search criteria.

  • (Optional) Apply your sales preferences for a more refined search.

3. Click Search in the top right corner to reveal search results.

Saved Searches

Finding Leads

Searching in Sales Navigator also provides the unique ability to save your frequent searches.

You can easily access recent and saved searches from the homepage.

When you save your searches, you will receive automated alerts when new leads match your criteria. Those new leads will be delivered straight to your inbox when they are identified.

To save your searches:

  1. In the search results page, click Save search on the upper left corner. 
  2. In the Saved searches pop-up window, under the Name column, type in a name for your saved search.
  3. Under the Alert column, select the frequency for how often you would like to receive automated alerts when new leads match your search criteria. 
  4. Click on the green check mark when done. 

Sales Spotlights

Easily discover the prospects who are more likely to engage with you.



1. Job Changes identifies prospects who have changed jobs within the last 90 days.

2. Shared Experiences uncovers prospects who attended the same schools, worked at the same companies, or belong to the same LinkedIn Groups as you.

3. LinkedIn Activity shows prospects who have posted or shared content on LinkedIn in the past 30 days.

4. Mentioned in the News finds prospects who have been mentioned in the news in the past 30 days.

5. Brand Engagement identifies prospects who have followed your company or commented on your company’s posts on LinkedIn.