Why It's Important?

Saving leads in Sales Navigator provides you with unique insights and alerts on your leads to help you build relationships and eventually sell to them. You'll know when they engage on LinkedIn, view your profile, or change jobs.

Research shows that there are 6.8 people in the average B2B purchasing decision, and that 1 in 5 B2B buyers change jobs each year. (CEB, CSO Insights). Keep track and engage with all the right decision makers by saving them as leads. 

How to Save Leads

1. From a Profile Page or any Search Result, find the Save button. 

2. You can add the lead to All Saved Leads or Create Account List. Click here to learn how to Create an Account List.

3. Your Saved Leads can be accessed by going hovering over Lists at the top of the page and selecting Lead Lists.

4. Your All Saved Accounts will be on the top right of the page.