Your Coach Meter

Coach Meter

The new Coach includes a progress meter that measures your level of Sales Navigator mastery. The 5 levels are: 

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Proficient
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Try experimenting with new actions in Sales Navigator to start leveling up! 

How to Level Up Your Coach Meter

Coach Level Up
  1. To start leveling up, select one of the recommended action items and click Try now. Complete new actions to progress to the next level! 
  2. Not sure how to complete an action? Click Watch video to view a quick demo
  3. To view all possible actions within Coach (and to see which actions you've already completed), click See all actions

Your Coach Dashboard

Coach Page
  • To view your Coach dashboard, click See all actions from the Coach module in the homepage or click here
  • The dashboard shows you all of the possible actions within Coach in a single page. You can also filter by actions you've completed (blue) or have not yet completed (white)
  • Click Learn more next to each action to view a tip sheet for that action

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I level up my Coach meter?

To level up your Coach meter, try using Coach to complete new actions in Sales Navigator. Your meter will progress one level for every 3-4 actions you complete.

Note: Viewing the video or tip sheet alone will not increase your Coach meter. You have to take action to level up! 

Why isn't Coach giving me credit for an action I completed?

It might take a few seconds for Coach to log an action once it's complete. If Coach isn't recognizing an action you took, try waiting a few seconds and reloading it again. 

Also, some ad-blockers prevent Coach from tracking certain actions. If you're currently running an ad-blocker, try turning it off and trying the action again. 



Will I ever move down in level?

No! Your Coach meter can only go up -- it will never go down.

Coach may occasionally recommend new Sales Navigator features for you to try, but your skill level will remain the same.  

How far back does Coach track my actions?

Coach is a new feature of Sales Navigator and tracks actions that you've taken in  the last few months. If you haven't gotten credit for an action you've completed before, simply try the action again to increase your Coach meter.

Will I get credit if I use the mobile app to complete actions? 

Yes, almost all of the actions in Coach can be completed via the mobile app. The only exception is Pointdrive (Team and Enterprise accounts only), which is currently a desktop-only feature.