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Prepare for Your Day

Receive notifications on upcoming meetings and updates with Mobile Daily Briefings. Sync your calendar to view your meetings, attendees and company information.

  • Review relevant company information prior to your meeting to stay updated on any recent changes.
  • Know who is attending your meeting and their role at the company as well as any icebreakers to help easily build rapport. If you are running later for a meeting and need to contact attendees, easily call, message or email with LinkedIn or Salesforce synced data. 

Receive key updates on saved leads and accounts.

  • Know when accounts are mentioned in the news so you can follow up accordingly.
  • Stay informed when your lead’s change jobs so you are aware if key decision makers are changing. 

Find Leads and Accounts

Discover new accounts and leads with daily recommendations based on your sales preferences. 

  • Swipe through your recommendations wherever you are and save any relevant leads or accounts to start receiving updates.
  • Accounts and leads are updated daily so you can continually increase your pipeline.

Search for people and companies at any time to find new prospects or review existing leads

  • Add filters to narrow your search results by region, company size, function or other attributes.
  • Use spotlights to prioritize people that have changed jobs or use TeamLink to get introduced.

Contact Leads

Contact your leads by accessing LinkedIn or CRM contact information directly in Sales Navigator. Call leads directly with one click. 

  • Call leads simply by tapping on their phone number.
  • After the call, you can add a note and sync back to your CRM to a easily track your sales activity.  

Send InMails, emails or connect with leads directly wherever you are.

  • Send messages either through LinkedIn InMails or directly email leads from your mobile device.
  • Send connection requests right after meetings to begin to build relationships.