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About Saving Searches

Saved searches allow you to save your search criteria, including keyword strings and filter refinements, so you can quickly run that search again at any time.

Once you save a search, you'll receive email alerts when new LinkedIn members match your saved search criteria. Members will not be alerted that they are under your saved searches.

1. Create Searches

Finding Leads

1. In Sales Navigator, in the top search bar, hover over Advanced. Click Search for leads or Search for accounts.

2. In the Start your Advanced Search pop-up window, select your preferred filters and either type in or click on your preferred search criteria.

  • (Optional) Apply your sales preferences for a more refined search.
  • (Optional) If you have TeamLink enabled, turn on the Show TeamLink leads filter to only reveal search results with TeamLink connections.

3. Click Search in the top right corner to reveal search results.

2. Save Searches

Finding Leads

1. In the search results page, click Save search on the upper left corner. 

2. In the Saved searches pop-up window, under the Name column, type in a name for your saved search.

3. Under the Alert column, select the frequency for how often you would like to receive automated alerts when new leads match your search criteria. 

4. Click on the green check mark when done. 

3. View Saved Searches

Finding Leads

1. In the top navigation bar, around the right side, hover your mouse over Saved Searches.

2. From the dropdown menu, select the saved search you would like to view.


After you save a search...

You'll receive email alerts when new people match your saved search criteria, helping you stay current with industry changes and activity.