01 - Why Save a Lead or Account?

Data shows that there are 6.8 people in the average B2B purchasing decision, and that 1 in 5 B2B buyers change jobs each year. (CEB, CSO Insights)

Keep track and engage with all the right decision makers by saving them as leads and accounts. 

Saving leads and accounts enables you to receive alerts on their latest activities on LinkedIn, and to track your next steps forward using custom Lists.

02 - How to Save a Lead or Account

There are two ways to easily save leads and accounts:

1. Simply click on the Save button at the top of any lead or account profile page to start receiving alerts.

2. After performing an advanced search, you can click on the Save button for multiple leads or accounts from a search results page.

  • Learn more about saving leads in Sales Navigator here.

  • Learn more about saving accounts in Sales Navigator here.

  • Learn how to view leads and accounts in the mobile app here.

03 - Alerts

After you save a lead or account, you’ll receive alerts like:

  • "a saved lead has viewed your profile”
  • "a saved lead has changed jobs”
  • “a saved account just raised money”
  • and a number of other insights that set you up for timely engagement.

Tip: Use insights to better tailor your personal outreach. For more tips on messaging, see InMail Best Practices

Tip: Download the Sales Navigator mobile app to get alerts, anywhere.


04 - Custom Lists

Create custom Lists to organize and prioritize saved leads and accounts.

Note: You can create an unlimited number of custom Lists. For best practice, you can create Lists based on urgency, by quarter, geography, etc.

Tip: Focus on subsets of leads and accounts to easily sort lists.