You can find a warm introduction to prospects beyond your first degree network by leveraging mutual connections.

In this guide, we'll share how to best approach your mutual connection for an introduction to your prospect.

Once the target prospect accepts the introduction, you can exchange information directly. 

Before you request a connection, remember:

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Connect with people you know and trust

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You are more likely to schedule a first meeting if you have a personal connection in common

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Many B2B decision makers begin their buying process with a referral

You are more likely to be successful if...

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You know the mutual connector personally

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The connector is senior at your company

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You share overlapping work experience with the prospect

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You attended the same school as the prospect

How to Effectively Request an Introduction

Via Sales Navigator:

Click the (Ask about) button in your TeamLink panel to send a message to a member and ask for an introduction to a common connection.

Via traditional methods:

If you work in the same office as your connector, walk over and ask them in person. If they work in a different office but you know their phone number, try a phone call.

Following up on an introduction request with these more traditional methods can speed up your response time. Remember, relationships matter!


  • Don’t repeatedly ask the same person for introductions
  • Always state the reason you want the introduction and the value
  • Give the introducer a comfortable way to decline your request
  • Keep your introducer in the know on the progress of your conversation
  • Create an email template for your introducer to use to make it easier for them to reach out on your behalf

Follow through: Follow up 2-3 business days after your initial request.

Name drop: Ask your TeamLink connectors if you may drop their name as a fallback if they are not comfortable making the introduction. 

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