Before you start:

The Sales Navigator mobile app shows calendar events only from your native iOS calendar. Other downloadable mail apps (e.g. Outlook, Gmail) are not supported at this time. 

Syncing from your iOS calendar

1. Open the Sales Navigator app on your iOS device. Go to the Settings page, tap on the Settings tab, then Calendar Sync Settings, and then Sync calendar.

2. Toggle Sync Calendar. You will see the calendars synced to your native iOS calendar below the Show events without attendees line. Select which calendars you would like to receive meeting briefings from. (All calendars will be selected to sync by default.)  

3. Once you have synced your calendar, return to the home page to see events from your native iOS calendar populate above the feed. Calendars synced here will only show events with attendees by default. 

  • To show all events, including those without any attendees, toggle on Show events without attendees under the Calendar Sync Settings page.

If you previously selected Don’t Allow for the pop-up, "Sales Nav would like to Access Your Calendar", follow these steps:

1. Open the Sales Navigator app on your iOS device. Go to the Settings page, tap on the Settings tab, then Calendar Sync Settings, and then Connect your calendar.

2. A pop-up will appear asking for permission to access your iOS settings. Tap on Settings. This will take you to your iOS device settings.

3. Toggle Calendars.

4. Return to the Sales Navigator app and go to the Calendar Sync Settings page. Toggle Sync Calendar