To begin, go to Admin -> Usage Reporting.

(Not seeing “Admin” in your navigation bar? This feature is only available to users with Admin permission settings. If you believe you should have access, please contact your administrator.)

Usage Reporting is organized into three tabs for easy navigation:

  1. Overview

  2. Usage

  3. Effectiveness

Usage Reporting

See Key Metrics at a Glance

The Overview tab gives a high-level snapshot of your team's seat allocation status
and Coach level distribution

Usage Overview
Seat allocation status

Here you can easily identify the number of Sales Navigator seats that have been Purchased, Assigned, and Activated within your account.

At Sales Navigator, we recommend the following best practices:

  1. Assign as many of your Purchased seats as possible. (Don’t worry -- you can always reassign seats later)
  2. Try to maintain a 100% Activation rate. Re-send invites to users who don’t activate their seats within a week 

Coach level distribution

The Coach level distribution view lets you identify the number of users in your account that are considered Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient, Advanced, and Expert Sales Navigator users at a glance. 

End-users can increase their Coach level by completing actions in Sales Navigator, so a “Beginner” is someone who has not yet started exploring the product while an “Expert” has learned how to use every suggested feature. 

Use Coach level distribution to identify whether or not different groups have taken the time to learn how to use Sales Navigator effectively or if they could still use further education. Use individual view in CSV export to identify who specifically may require additional training.

Customize Your Data With New Filters

One of the newest features in Usage Reporting is the ability to select a custom date range and groups & users filters for each metric


Groups & Users filters

The new Groups & Users filters allow you to easily view how specific groups or individuals are using Sales Navigator. 

Use these filters to easily create customizable reports, as well as compare how your different teams & regions stack up to each other! 


Custom date range

We've also improved our date range customization options. Choose from one of the four preset ranges, or customize your date range to see up to two years worth of past Sales Navigator data. 

Measure Your Team's Effectiveness

The new Effectiveness metrics show how well your team is utilizing Sales Navigator to accomplish their Sales Goals

Coach Level Up


In the new Effectiveness tab, you’ll find stats such as:

  • InMail messages sent

  • InMail acceptance rate

  • Total unique connections

For a more detailed breakdown of each of these stats across your entire team, try exporting a report as a CSV file. (You can apply date ranges and group filters to reports as well.)


New Metric: InMail Acceptance Rate

InMail Acceptance Rate refers to the percentage of InMails sent that have been “accepted” by a prospect within 30 days. 

An InMail is considered “accepted” if a prospect has actively clicked either “Yes” or “Maybe” in response to an InMail. 

Analytics Integrations (Enterprise accounts only)

Tableau & Power BI Integrations

Enterprise customers can now integrate Sales Navigator with leading business intelligence applications Tableau & Power BI for even more insight into the behaviors that their best-performing reps are taking. 

For more information, please reach out to your LinkedIn Customer Success Manager or Relationship Manager. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to Usage Reporting?

Any user with "Administrator" permissions in Sales Navigator can access Usage Reporting.


How long does it take for activity in Sales Navigator to show up in Usage Reporting?

Sales Navigator activity will show up in Usage Reporting within 24 hours. 


Does Usage Reporting only track activity on Sales Navigator, or does it track activity on as well?

By default, Usage Reporting tracks activity on both Sales Navigator and Users can opt to turn off activity tracking any time by visiting their Settings page in Sales Navigator (impacted metrics include: Days Active, Searches Performed, and Profile Views). 

How do I create Groups? 

Groups can be created & managed in the Account Center. To learn more about creating & managing groups, visit the Account Center tip sheet.  


Where can I find our Social Selling Index (SSI)? 

Detailed SSI information (including a breakdown by SSI category) can be found in your report once exported to CSV. 


What is InMail Acceptance Rate?

InMail Acceptance Rate refers to the percentage of InMails sent that have been “accepted” by a prospect within 30 days. 

An InMail is considered “accepted” if a prospect has actively clicked either “Yes” or “Maybe” in response to an InMail.