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Image of Advanced Search Filters

Keyword modifiers help surface results more closely related to prospects in your target industry. Apply them in any of the search filters while you perform an Advanced Search.

Modifiers include: AND, OR, NOT, Quotes, and Parantheses.


If you want to do a complex search you can combine terms and modifiers. For example:

  • Marketing AND (B2B OR B2C)
  • Advertising NOT (print OR “B2C”)


If you want to search for an exact phrase or terms that include punctuation, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. You can use these in addition to other modifiers. For example:

  • sales manager
  • account representative
  • human resources manager

AND (all upper case)

If you want to search for profiles that include two terms, you can separate those terms with AND. However, you don’t have to use AND; if you enter two terms the search engine will assume there is an AND between them. The following formats are read the same:

  • Sales AND Director
  • Sales manager AND business to business
  • Sales prospecting

OR (all upper case)

If you want to broaden your search to find profiles that include one or more terms, you can separate those terms with OR. OR is most often used to search for alternate spellings, or for terms that mean the same thing. For example:

  • “Sales Operations” OR “Sales Ops”
  • “Vice President” OR VP OR “V.P.” OR SVP OR EVP

NOT (all upper case)

If you want to exclude a particular term from your search, type that term with NOT before it. Your search results will exclude any profile containing that term. For example:

  • NOT director
  • Director NOT executive NOT VP NOT “Vice President”


The least used and least understood modifier is NOTNOT helps you pare down your search results by excluding prospoects you know are not qualified, or would not necessarily be interested in your product or service.