Track your team's progress

To ensure the program is meeting the agreed success metrics, you need to develop a regular reporting strategy to track progress.

In ‘Launch the program’  we recommended you begin measuring the success of your social selling program. You should also have completed the ‘Admin training’ so you are aware of the reporting available to you in Sales Navigator. If you haven’t completed these steps, go back and review those stages of the framework. 

A critical component of a successful social selling program is to establish regular reporting, and communicate the usage to the relevant people. Our recommendation is to send a monthly report covering your agreed success metrics to your 'Sales Navigator program team’. 

Use these reports to help you:

✓   Track how the program is performing

✓   Identify power users

✓   Understand which features are most valuable

✓   Identify laggards

If you would also like to survey your users, please contact your LinkedIn Relationship Manager to create and circulate an ROI survey. This will provide you with qualitative information regarding your team’s usage of Sales Navigator.

More resources

Check out these example reports from some of our global customers, then generate a report which works best for your organization: