Identify your social selling program team

Understand the key stakeholders who may be affected by, or who can influence, the implementation of your social selling program. Their responsibility will be to understand the high level benefits of Sales Navigator so they can reinforce that message to their sales teams.

Establish a consistent and timely cadence between you and the Social Selling program team to evaluate the program’s performance.

The core social selling program team would include:

Executive Sponsor image

Recruit an Executive Sponsor to drive your program forward. Ideally this will be a Senior Executive or someone in the Leadership team.

After all, the initial communication about implementing the program will carry more weight if it comes from the top.

Program lead and administrator image

The program also requires one or more Administrators involved in day to day operational and roll-out details. Ideally from a sales enablement or sales strategy function, their goals are to:

  1. On-board and activate users quickly
  2. Be able to champion and drive success internally 
  3. Monitor and encourage adoption by driving integration into sales processes. 

Other useful program team members:

Depending on the size of your organization and the number of Sales Navigator users, you may recruit additional program team members to reinforce the importance of the program.

Sales Manager

Quota carrying positions who will manage the teams of Sales Reps utilising Sales Navigator.

They will need to understand and encourage the concept of “social selling” and how it’s different from traditional sales. They should understand the features and benefits of Sales Navigator and how it will help them, and their teams to achieve their own sales quotas. 

Sales Enablement

With a key focus on executing their business strategies in the field, Sales Enablement are pivotal in providing onboarding and recursive training to the team.  Sales Navigator can be educated as a standalone program, or incorporated into existing materials which impact cross-selling, win rates, deal size and deal duration. 

Sales Operations

Very helpful for bridging the gap between CRM and social selling. Sales Operations can be critical if you wish to measure ROI via CRM, implement KPI’s, drive adoption or gamify your program.


Connecting the dots between Sales and Marketing to craft better, more impactful content. 

The sales team can, and should, add marketing content to their LinkedIn profile because it will give prospects a clearer picture of who they are and what they can offer. Marketing should support this as it increases the reach of their content.

Power Users

These are sales reps who have adopted social selling and are happy to assist with the internal change management functions. Read the “Power User Program.” 


If you have any additional queries, please contact your LinkedIn Relationship Manager.