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    The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

    July 3, 2020

    If you’ve caught yourself waving madly at your colleagues at the end of every video meeting, you’re not alone. As an article from CNN highlights, many Twitter users have noted this phenomenon: “Why do I feel compelled to WAVE at the end of Zoom calls?” asks one user. “I have literally never walked out of a meeting room WAVING." To learn why we feel compelled to...

  • Companies Continue to Speak Up as the Conversation on LinkedIn Shifts to Injustice

    July 1, 2020

    The conversation led by companies on LinkedIn has shifted dramatically in recent months: from business-as-usual in January, to COVID-19 and remote work in March, to racial injustice in June. With a pandemic, recession, and anti-racist movement reshaping our world, companies aren’t staying quiet. They’re posting more than usual, according to LinkedIn data — and...

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    The Single Biggest Step to Pay Equity? Stop Asking About Salary History

    June 30, 2020

    Pay equity is hard to achieve. It took Starbucks 10 years of concerted effort to reach pay equity for employees of all genders and races in their U.S. operations. But new research shows that banning questions about salary history can help companies move more quickly and sure-footedly toward pay equity. In a working paper published earlier this month, researchers...

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    4 Steps LGBTQ+ Employees Say Companies Can Take to Be More ...

    June 29, 2020

    Despite momentous leaps forward in LGBTQ+ rights over the past few decades, the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in the...

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    The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

    June 26, 2020

    “If I pulled job postings from 100 years ago,” says Katrina Kibben, CEO and founder of Three Ears Media, in an article from Inc.,...

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    What It’s Like to Be a Black HR Leader in This Moment

    June 25, 2020

    This is not my story. These are not my experiences. These comments — written by Beverly Carmichael, T. Tara Turk, Victorio Milian,...