LinkedIn Poll - Recruiters Plan to Use Professional Sites More to Recruit

June 23, 2009

Recent LinkedIn Polls show that recruiters plan to use social and professional sites more to recruit.

Two recent LinkedIn polls addressed the topic of using Social Sites for recruiting. One poll asked whether respondents plan to use social and professional sites more to recruit - 86% said Yes, 8% said No, and 5% said Unclear.

Here are a few interesting comments on the poll page:

"If you aren't using web 2.0 technology to recruit already you are behind all your peers"

"I don't see Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter as adding much value to recruiting because those sites are geared more towards social/recreational interaction than professional interaction. But networking sites like LinkedIn are a huge part of my daily recruiting strategy."

Do you plan on using social and professional networks more to recruit?


A related question asks which Social Sites have you used most successfully to hire. Given the information above, it will be no surprise to you that the overwhelming majority of respondents indicated that LinkedIn was most successful site (93%), with Facebook a distant second with only 4%. Granted, the fact that this poll was on LinkedIn, skews the results towards LinkedIn. However, we are happy to see that our members are getting value out of our site.

Recruiters, which social sites have you used most successfully to hire?


What do you think about the results from these three polls?  Do you plan to use social sites more to recruit? Let us know your thoughts in a comment on this blog post.