Attend Webinar to Effectively Use LinkedIn Recruiter to Find the Best Passive Candidates

June 5, 2009

Register for our June 18th webinar with Lou Adler & learn how to find the best passive candidates and reduce outside recruiting costs in 2010.

In a past training session with Lou Adler, I had an “ah ha” moment and realized how very different recruiting passive candidates is from active candidates.  It’s easy for me to post a job to a job board and get responses from all the job seekers out there. Those are people who want to talk to me.  But are they the people I SHOULD be talking to?  Is talking to them the best use of MY time?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Sure, in today’s landscape there are plenty of job seekers to go around. However, I want to be talking to the sales director rock star who has started thinking about making a change but hasn’t started looking yet.  I want to talk to them first, before anyone else does, before they start reviewing the jobs boards, and surely before any recruiter-for-hire talks to them.  When we hire great people we most usually find them…I’ve hired the last two out of three members of our team by finding them, not the other way around.

Lou Adler will be joining us on June 18th to co-host a free webinar…all it will cost you is an hour of your time.  If you join us, you’ll see first hand from Lou a professional’s eye view of using LinkedIn Recruiter, a tool specifically designed for and exclusively sold to corporate in-house recruiters.  Lou will show you how to engage the best fit candidates before they begin their job search and start talking to others.  Lou will share tips and tricks to ensure you get referrals from everyone you talk to and demonstrate how “recruiting” is a part of every step in the process. Do you have an early bird strategy?

Lou believes, as the economy recovers, getting the best candidates first will make the difference in getting the candidates who fit best.  Ah ha!  Right?  Register below to gain an unfair advantage over and the chance to reduce your spend on outside recruiting.