How the LinkedIn Jobs Network Drives Top Candidates Your Way

July 13, 2009

The LinkedIn Jobs Network works harder than other job sites by using a multi-pronged approach to help you find quality talent

If you haven't had the opportunity to post a job on LinkedIn, you may think that it is the same as all the other job sites. This is definitely not the case. LinkedIn has the unique ability to tap into our large network to add tremendous value to the job posting process.  Unlike other sites, Linkedin Jobs is not just a "post-and-pray" tool: we use a multi-pronged approach to help you find high quality talent.

LinkedIn Jobs has three main components:

1) We automatically find passive candidates that match your job so that you don’t even have to search

Here's how it works:

  1. You post your job
  2. We use an advanced algorithm to find matching members on LinkedIn
  3. We present them to you in a list so that you can reach out to the members that best fit you needs

Job posters (Employers) are currently finding five good matches per job on average which is a good start.  We expect this to increase in the coming months as we roll out improvements to our job-to-candidate matching algorithm.


2) We help your job find its way to the right passive candidates through the LinkedIn network

Here’s how it works …

  1. You post your job
  2. As people look at your job, we recommend good matches that they know for the job, in case they’re not interested, and we make it easy to forward the job to those matches.
  3. When those matches receive the job, we again recommend connections that they know that match the job and make it easy for forward the job to them.
  4. The cycle continues until your job reaches the right candidates.

Jobs are forwarded to an average of 11 recipients on LinkedIn today.  We are working on exciting enhancements to increase this number as well.


3) We deliver active job seekers too.

Not surprisingly in this economy, we’ve seen a surge in job seeking traffic. The # of job seekers has doubled since last year, with the average number of applicants that we deliver per job to going from 13 to 27. In addition to increasing the quantity of matches, employers regularly tell us that the applicants they get from LinkedIn are higher quality than from regular job boards.

The three components of the LinkedIn Jobs Network  - talent matching, job forwarding, and attracting active job seekers - work collectively to get the job done.  We continue to work on ways to improve the Jobs Network to make it even more effective for you.  You should give it a try if you haven't used it.  If you have used it, leave a comment on this blog with your feedback.

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