Poll Result Confirms LinkedIn is Fertile Ground for Sourcing Passive Candidates

July 9, 2009

54% of poll respondents indicate they are employed and not actively looking for opportunities.  A further 23% are employed but are actively looking.

In a prior blog post we highlighted poll results showing that employers think that passive candidates result in better employees.  To build upon that information, we wanted to get a sense for the percentage of LinkedIn members that are passive candidates. To answer this question, we fielded a poll asking LinkedIn members to indicate if they were employed or unemployed and whether or not they were actively looking for a job. As of July 1st, 3,700 LinkedIn members took the poll.

Results show that at least 36% of LinkedIn members are employed, not actively looking, but still open to good job leads. With over 43 million total LinkedIn members, 36% represents a large number - over 15 million professionals. These are the most sought-after passive candidates, the ones that recruiters want to find and contact right before they even think of initiating their next job search.

Why? First, because recruiters want to identify the best performers before someone else hires them and, second, because they want to do that at a time when these passive candidates are likely to take their call or reply to an email, if the position is the right one of course.

The next best group of passive candidates are those that are employed, yet are not looking for a job at all - yielding an additional 18%.   Combining these two groups of passive candidates brings the total to 54% - 23 million passive candidates.

The results from these two polls confirm that not only are passive candidates better employees, but that LinkedIn is the place to find them.

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