Almost Half of Executives are Dissatisfied with Their Jobs

August 12, 2009

A recent Korn/Ferry study reveals that almost half of executives are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Results from a recent Korn/Ferry Executive Quiz indicate that 47% of employed executives are dissatisfied with their jobs. This low satisfaction is being driven by current economic conditions (fewer people, more work, less pay), low employee morale, and lack of trust in company leadership. Here are a few key stats from the survey:

  • 47% of employed executives are dissatisfied with their jobs
  • 45% said that employee morale was "fair" or "poor"
  • 36% indicated that they do not trust their CEO

These executives want to progress in their careers:

  • 56% aspire to be CEO's
  • 67% aspire to have their boss' job

If you are currently looking to fill an executive position, here is some info about LinkedIn that may help you in your search

According to Quantcast, LinkedIn's visitors are more likely to have higher incomes and graduate degrees than other job related sites.

  • 36% of LinkedIn visitors make more than $100k per year (30% higher than internet avg.)
  • 27% of LinkedIn visitors have a graduate degree (twice the internet avg.)

In prior posts we highlighted that LinkedIn is ripe with passive candidates and that these passive candidates are likely be better employees than those actively looking for a job.

Here are some tips to help you recruit executives on LinkedIn:

  • Do a warm call by finding out who among your connections knows your target and obtaining more information about their current situation: executives are really busy and having the right context will increase the odds that they answer the InMail or the call
  • Don’t sell them a job just yet - build a relationship first.
    • Let them know that you recruit in their field and that you would like to network with them
    • Offer to provide them insights into the market and job opportunities to talk to them about their career goals

Write a comment with your thoughts on this topic.  What are some tips to recruit executives?