Find the Latest Matches with LinkedIn Recruiter Search Alerts

August 3, 2009

Search Alerts in LinkedIn Recruiter will save you time and keep you up to date with the fast growing LinkedIn network - approximately 2 million new profiles created each month.

As a recruiter/sourcer/talent czar, whatever your title is, you have a big task at hand.  You need to find the right people and you need to find them before they start looking AND before anyone else does.  You may think this is easier said than done. Using Search Alerts in LinkedIn Recruiter, you can get it done!

When you create a search in Recruiter, your results show you who matches the criteria at that moment.  If you save that search and set an alert, you’ll know each time a profile is created or updated which matches your criteria.  Invaluable insight into find the right people, first.

Here’s how you do it:

Create your search as narrow or wide as you like.  Remember, the more narrow the search criteria, the fewer but more targeted results you will receive.  Click “Save this search” and enter the necessary information.  Don’t forget to click the checkbox in #2 “Get search alerts?”


Recruiter runs all searches with alerts activated every day to check for new results.  Now, when you log in to Recruiter, you’ll see right up front who newly matches your criteria based on new profile creation or profile updates.  No more searching the same search over and over and sifting through the same profiles!