Use LinkedIn Employer Advertising to break through the noise

August 5, 2009

LinkedIn Employer Advertising will help you position your company as an employer of choice with high value professionals.

Companies are increasingly looking for ways to break through the noise to find high value professionals. LinkedIn Employer Advertising is a tool that will do just that. Accurate user-generated profile date enables highly targeted and high impact online advertisements that pitch candidates on the uniqueness of your company and its current openings.

LinkedIn Employer Advertising will raise awareness, get better leads, and land prized recruits.  Ads can be targeted by profession, seniority, industry, company size, and more to attract passive talent.  With over 43 million profiles on LinkedIn, Employer Ads will provide unmatched reach, giving your employer brand exposure to the largest professional network of senior, technical, and hard to find candidates.

A less cluttered ad environment ensures your message is seen, increasing company/brand awareness and image in the minds of passive candidates.


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