40% of Fortune 100 Companies Use LinkedIn Corporate Recruiting Solutions

September 1, 2009

US companies recognize the value of the LinkedIn Talent Advantage recruiting solutions to find and hire top candidates.

LinkedIn is quickly making inroads into the largest companies in the US.  As of Aug. 2009, 40% of Fortune 100 companies are using LinkedIn Talent Advantage recruiting solutions to source and hire candidates. This is impressive considering that LinkedIn Recruiter, its flagship product, was only introduced in Feb 2008.

You may be surprised at the diversity of LinkedIn customers.  These Fortune 500 customers represent every industry category and include companies such as Kraft (Consumer Products), Lockheed Martin (aerospace), EMC (technology), Intuit (Software), Allstate (insurance), and ConAgra (Food & Beverage).  These companies are sourcing passive talent directly using LinkedIn Recruiter.

Broadbased adoption among the Fortune 500 group shows that US companies fully recognize the leading global professional network’s unmatched ability to help them find and hire top passive candidates and save significant amounts on 3rd party agencies and traditional job boards.  As discussed in a prior blog post, LinkedIn is a fertile source of passive candidates  - with over 24 million passive candidates according to a recent LinkedIn poll.

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