LinkedIn Recruiter Tip: InMail Response Guarantee

September 16, 2009

Get the most out of your InMail.  Learn more about the LinkedIn InMail 7-day Response Guarantee

You probably already know that your unused LinkedIn InMail credits rollover from month-to-month like cellphone minutes (though they do max-out at 3x your monthly allotment). But did you also know that they only count if the candidate responds?  It's called the InMail 7-day Response Guarantee and it works like this:

Let's say you use the Advanced Search in LinkedIn Recruiter and find 20 potential candidates who have the skills, qualifications, and experience to fill your open position.   So you create an InMail campaign, using one of your templates, to send them each a message.  After clicking SEND,  browse back to your Dashboard and you'll see that 20 credits have been deducted from your InMail counter.


Then over the next 7 days, watch for the responses to arrive on your Dashboard.  Depending on the field, industry and the content of your message (more on that in another post), the general response rate for InMail is 30-60 percent, so let's say 10 of 20 reply.  8 days after you sent the message, your Dashboard InMail counter will increase by 10 credits.  Now your team has 10 more InMail credits to use.  BONUS!

And to top it off, you could still receive replies from any of the 10 people who did not respond within the 7-day guarantee window.  Maybe they were on vacation or at a conference so they waited to reply until after they returned.  DOUBLE BONUS!

It's almost as good as having your cake and eating it, too!