LinkedIn Survey Results - Preparing for the Recovery

October 13, 2009

Gain insights into recruiting trends and learn how corporate recruiters have been preparing for better days

A recent LinkedIn report on recruiting details how corporate recruiting professionals are doing business in tough economic times and preparing for the recovery.   The recession, the rise of social networking, and an increase in the use of technology are three key factors influencing current trends in corporate recruiting. With tightening budgets, spending has been shifting from 3rd party agencies and job boards, to corporate websites, employee referrals, and Professional & Social Networks.  About 30% of companies plan to spend more time and money on Professional or Social Networks.

While it is important for corporate recruiters to be more efficient with their budgets, it is crucial that companies nurture a strong talent pool in preparation for the recovery.  Survey results show that LinkedIn is the main avenue for building relationships with passive talent.   In addition, recruiters indicated that building a strong employment brand is an essential and long lasting trend in recruiting.

The full research report addresses the following topics:

  • What are in-house recruiters doing to prepare for the recovery?
  • What could their competitors do to prepare for the recovery that would make them most nervous?
  • What have they been doing to face the current downturn?
  • What sources of hire and recruiting trends do they believe in most?
  • Where they will invest more/less
  • How they find passive candidates
  • Other trends in corporate recruiting

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